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Brent Annesty and ISO Atlantic have been an integral part of the ISO 9001 program here at DSS Marine Incorporated and Nord Marine Services Limited from the beginning.

Brent was sensitive to our other time commitments with our business during the period of writing the manual and also our goal to keep the program simple. As a small operation, we were in need of a program that worked for us, not us working for it. Brent managed to meet our objectives and, with his broad knowledge of Quality Management Systems, managed to find us ways to streamline processes, maintain quality and yet reduce our number of documents

To this day Brent remains a great resource to us and the improvement and maintenance of our program. He brings far more value to the table than just creating and implementing a system. Brent continues to offer suggestions that may work for us based upon his experiences elsewhere. Continuous improvement for Brent seems to be related to the continuous improvement of the systems he has created for companies throughout the years.

In business there are many suppliers for services out there and as a business owner you do your utmost to select those that will best fulfill your needs. Based upon the experience we have had, and continue to have with Brent, we would have no hesitation to recommend ISO Atlantic to other businesses seeking the services of an ISO consultant.