AS 9100 – Aerospace

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Quality and reliability are critical values for the aerospace industry. In an environment where the mistakes or failure of products or services can be fatal, the effective operation of a quality management system plays an essential role in helping to reduce risks and provide a reliable framework for organizations to provide a product or service.

While Quality management systems have been used in the aerospace industry for many years, it wasn’t until 2003 that a single standard was defined by members of the international aerospace industry. The result was the AS9100 QMS. Now it is recognized and supported by the all the world’s leading aerospace companies and also throughout their supply chain partnerships.

The AS9100 quality system supplements ISO 9001 by addressing the additional expectations of the aerospace industry. It provides international consistency and address the specific regulatory, safety and reliability requirements demanded by the aerospace sector. AS9100 assists all levels of the supply chain with more consistent verification methods and fewer verification audits.

The Benefits of AS9100:

  • Increased productivity – Better documentation and control of processes leads to consistency in performance, and less scrap and rework
  • Customer satisfaction increases – The organization spends less time focusing on individual goals of departments and more time working together to meet customer needs
  • Competitive/Marketing edge – Aerospace contractors nowuse AS9100 as a screening process to finding new potential sources of supply. For most, it is now a requirement.
  • Financial rewards

Who is it Relevant to?

The aerospace series of standards cover the complete spectrum of organizations working within the aerospace sector, from design and manufacture to maintenance organizations. As of 2007, all aerospace primes and first tier subcontractors are to have AS9100 as a standard internal requirement. In turn, this has been reflected downwards in their supply chains in the selection and approval of new suppliers. AS9100 is imperative for any company working within the aerospace industry.